FAST TWITCH strives to reinvent the field of performance and athletic development through a relentless approach to innovation and application and with a strong commitment to culture.

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Innovation is the foundation of all aspects of Fast Twitch. From creative branding and marketing strategies to staff education and integration of technology, each facet of Fast Twitch has been highly customized to perfect the model and ensure FT stays on the cutting edge.



Creating the culture at FT requires three elements to occur simultaneously and endlessly from each member of the organization, from the top down: there must be passion, there must be a willingness to think outside the box, and there must be a flow of communication to emphasize the value placed on teamwork and collaboration.


practical application

Understanding the value of science and theory, FT has embraced studying and learning from a variety of concepts and leaders. As important as these ideas are, they are nothing without an effective process for practical application. Teaching and learning strategies have been incorporated into the application processes of training and business systems in order to streamline effeciency and maximize impact.


fast twitch little river

7400 nw miami court, miami, fl 33150

Facility Highlights 

-NBA Regulation size basketball/volleyball court

-50 yard sprint lanes

-Dynamic strength training area

-SKLZ speed and agility area

-Speed Station w/High Speed Treadmills

-Treatment room