Fueled by proven training, unparalleled results, and partnerships with nationally recognized brands, Fast Twitch has become a leader in the field of performance.


We are defined by a passionate culture that combines gritty intensity and high energy to a science based approach. Goal-oriented individualization and customization provides clients with specific training geared toward creating greater results while minimizing injury risks.  




In order to improve as an athlete, you must train like an athlete. Fast Twitch’s Sport Performance combines traditional resistance training with functional and plyometric movements to prepare you for competition. This sport-specific approach focuses on elements of mobility, movement, strength, power, and conditioning.


The Human Performance division of Fast Twitch targets individuals and groups whose goals require a strong base in physical and mental conditioning. This division custom designs programming specific to executive, corporate wellness, and tactical needs.



With the physical demands placed on your body during training, competition, and everyday life, recovery has become a necessary component of performance. The Fast Twitch Recovery Division was created to keep our clients healthy and performing at their best.

Fast Twitch did an outstanding job at developing a soccer-specific training program that emphasized speed, strength, and injury prevention. I would recommend their training for any soccer player looking to get to the next level.
— Juan Pablo Angel

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The foundation of Fast Twitch lies in a constantly evolving methodology that provides a meaningful framework for training and coaching. This comprehensive approach is customized towards each client and relies on the following components:



Fast Twitch has created a total-body methodology that emphasizes movements, not muscle groups. Understanding and applying the science of movement is what has made FT a national leader in the performance industry.



Prioritizing time/energy efficiency and neuromuscular recruitment in training, Fast Twitch utilizes a non-linear approach to programming that emphasizes complex training; a system that sequences exercises and movements to achieve a specific result.



The Fast Twitch team emphasizes a learning atmosphere built around specific terminology and coaching cues to allow for consistent application and faster impact on training and performance.



FT embraces a sport-science approach, using objective data to drive decision-making on training and programming.