national partnerships


Under Armour’s humble grassroots, literally starting from the trunk of a car, has served as an inspiration to many small businesses founded on passion and innovation. Fast Twitch is one such company, growing from the back of a pick-up truck to a leader in sports performance. In recognition of this relentless spirit that continues to drive the development of both brands, Fast Twitch has partnered with UA to become one of the select Under Armour Elite Training Facilities.


With their research-based vision, Gatorade and GSSI (Gatorade Sport Science Institute) have aided in the performance of athletes from elite to recreational. Their continually successful efforts to improve the "science of victory" make Fast Twitch proud to have Gatorade as its official hydration and recovery partner. This relationship provides Fast Twitch a platform for continual development while providing their athletes with the means to battle the harsh elements of South Florida.


As Fast Twitch stretches to additional markets and new facilities, quality and consistency become paramount to development. TeamBuildr’s customized platform allows for standardization of the FT Methodology. This pioneering software allows for a streamlined process of programming, data collection, reporting, and oversight.


As Fast Twitch continues to grow in the number of facilities and the number of trainers, numerous strategies have been implemented to emphasize the elite training FT was founded on. The foundation of this approach is the standardization of equipment with Dynamic Fitness and Strength. Dynamic’s ability to create a custom designed and branded package of equipment for each FT facility leads directly to the standardization of training philosophy, exercises, and flow of the facilities.


The development of Fast Twitch has been made possible by a similar development of the performance training industry. With movement being the emphasis of training, SKLZ and their innovative equipment allow Fast Twitch’s creative philosophies to be applied fluidly and rapidly assimilated into sport. This cohesive partnership will also allow Fast Twitch to play a role in testing of future products.


A commitment to innovation anchors the ethos of Fast Twitch. Understanding the importance of wearable technology led Fast Twitch to seek out game-changers in the industry. The real-time insight provided by Athos and their surface EMG technology allows the Fast Twitch staff to evaluate every repetition based on form, effort, and balance.