fast twitch performance

Fast Twitch offers Customized Training and Group Training options for three divisions:

Sport Performance, Human Performance, and Recovery


Fast Twitch Customized Training

Fast Twitch was founded on this elite service available for individual or partner training. Fast Twitch's data-driven approach to training is designed for the goal-oriented client. Quantifiable data and tracking equip each trainer with all the information needed to provide feedback and to ensure each client’s program is designed specific to his/her needs and goals. 


Fast Twitch Group Training

Fast Twitch has created focused group training programs for targeted audiences. These programs include Youth/Developing Athletes, Endurance Athletes, and First Responders. Contact us for more information and schedules.



sport performance

In Order to Progress as an Athlete, You Must Prepare as an Athlete

Fast Twitch’s Sports Performance division provides a challenging, competitive environment for athletes or teams. This science-driven approach combines traditional resistance training with functional and plyometric movements to prepare you for competition. Sport Performance is available in individual, group-based, or team training.


human performance

Elite Level Results Require Elite Level Training

The Human Performance division of Fast Twitch targets individuals and groups whose goals require a strong base in physical and mental conditioning. Rooted in a dynamic, movement-based methodology, this high-intensity experience stresses translation of performance training into real life demands. This division offers three unique categories: Executive Training, Tactical Training, and Corporate Wellness.



With the physical demands placed on your body during training, competition, and everyday life, recovery has become a necessary component of performance. The Fast Twitch Recovery Division was created to keep our clients healthy and performing at their best.